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Latino-Hispanic Organization of Graduate Students

The mission of the Latino/Hispanic Organization of Graduate Students is to: 1. Further and enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for Latino/Hispanic students in graduate school. 2. Provide an arena for graduate students and professionals from different disciplines to come together for: (i) professional development, (ii) diversifying academic perspectives, (iii) promoting collaborations, (iv) refining academic research, (v) community service, and (vi) social activities. 3. Endorse the coalition of Latinos/Hispanics and other underrepresented groups by increasing the number of participating members of this organization. 4. Promote the recruitment and retention of graduate students, faculty members, and other professionals of Latino/Hispanic descent while fostering their cultural identity. 5. Promote academic diversity and welcome individuals who strive towards cultural awareness and understanding at the University of Florida. 6. Provide a stepping stone and a network of support for currently enrolled and incoming Latino/Hispanic graduate students at the University of Florida. 7. Cooperate with other individuals, organizations, clubs, and other groups whose purposes include the achievement of public understanding for Latinos/Hispanics and other underrepresented groups in graduate school.

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